Doris Piserchia - Summary Bibliography Название: Дорис Писерчиа Substance and Shadow
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Doris Piserchia - Summary Bibliography
Author: Doris Piserchia ISFDB Author Record # 150; Legal Name: Piserchia, ... Substance and Shadow (1974); Nature's Children (1974) also appeared as:.

Unloved in life, a man’s fiercely devoted wife vows to return after death in the form of their newborn child. Two lunar astronauts are blinded when their faceplates begin collecting dust. Played for effect, but rather naïve by today’s standards.

Peter Redgrove imagined shape-changing water in this amusing tale of a pond that takes on human shape to the consternation of the husband on whose property it resides. Disgraceful and insulting, the epitome of all that is wrong with original anthologies. Fine, whispery soft tale of a man trying to come to grips with lost boyhood idealism.

Powerful, expertly crafted novella about a 15-year-old boy who confesses murder to a psychiatrist, then spins out a fantastic tale of his relationship to a kindly spinster, a telekinetic, two teleporting twins, and a three-year-old idiot savant in an effort to find out why he did it. Writer and ladies' man dabbles with editor's sister, taking lightly the latter's involvement with a secret society. Oh, well, in that case… As in “Mesmeric Revelation” a man hypnotizes a dying man, this time with the hope of arresting death itself. Suspenseful tale about a remarkably cruel and mysterious girl whose suitors all seem to meet untimely deaths.

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    budger: [Earth in Twilight by Doris Piserchia] jungle-dwelling mutant ..... gaya: [“ Shadow Lord” by Laurence Yep] long-haired, 3-meter long goat-like herd ..... Jedi galaxy, that builds spiral mounds made with sticky marshmallow-like substance.

    Дорис Писерчиа Substance and Shadow

    Vietnam military forces attack the hit man who killed the head of the toy company that created them. At best, the plot hinges on an observation that was never meant as anything more than a joke. Overlong, initially obtuse, and finally melodramatic; but also “compassionate and perceptive,” according to editor Judith Merill, who included this hopelessly immature work in her book in this tale of a woman forced to rethink her opposition to her domineering husband’s last request: to be preserved as a living brain after death.

    Jacobi largely eschews plot for Lovecraftian effect in this atmospheric tale of a man wandering into a swamp called Mive and finding it populated by strange creatures. The second, directed by David Cronenberg and starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis, was released in 1986. There’s nothing banal in this tale of two friends and the girl who comes between them after one of the men becomes mysteriously ill.

    Years later, one woman emerges and discovers how the survivors have reacted to this cruelty. Sarpeidon, beta Niobe system : [Mushroom Planet series by Eleanor Cameron] fungus-like animal from Basidium : [Hawkman series] 15-meter long dracoid with snake-like body, 4 claws, wings, able to shoot lightning from fingers, exhale fire by Timothy Zahn] long-legged, nocturnal quadruped with vague-ly dog-like muzzle, sharp teeth, poisonous whip-like tail, semi-tamed by tail-cutting : [vulture + urchin] carrion-eating ornithoid with hooked beak, clacareous shell coveredin long spikes : [vulture + ermine] weazel-like carrion-eater with black-tipped tail, powerful beak  and brown fur except on neck and head by A. Art director of a pulp horror magazine is forced to hire an arrogant artist whose work he despises and who just may have occult powers. Horror with a science fiction twist: the cloudform which takes possession of the dozer is the lone survivor of an ancient Earth civilization.